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How to transform the world around you into hooks, ideas, and profitable marketing angles so you never have to struggle again to make your offer stand out

The five prompts you can answer before you do a lick of research that will speed up your writing time 4.5X (so instead of taking a month to write a long-form sales letter, you could bang it out in a week)

When and how to generate unique names for ingredients, processes, and mechanisms to make them more intriguing

The Metaphor Matrix that makes even the most boring copywriter look like a creative genius

The sneaky creativity hack that gave Steve Gunn new split test ideas for an offer he “lives and breathes every day”

And Steve Gunn isn’t the only one singing the praises of The “G” Spot.

This presentation has wowed some of the most prominent marketers and entrepreneurs in the world…

“Absolutely amazing.”

Joe Polish, founder of Genius Network, $100K, GeniusX, and the "I Love Marketing" Podcast

“This is fucking brilliant.”

Chris Voss, CEO and Founder of The Black Swan Group, Author, and Master Negotiator

“The most unique and brilliant approach to copy I've ever heard.”

Candy Valentino, serial entrepreneur & real estate mogul

Even Nic Peterson, the “anti-marketer” said,

“This wasn’t a marketing presentation. It was a ‘how you think’ presentation. And that’s very valuable.”

WARNING: Once you find and play with The “G” Spot, you’ll never want to write without it again.

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